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Behavior of  Wind

上田和彦 UEDA Kazuhiko

民佐穂  MIN Saho

向井哲  MUKAI Satoshi

2020年9月28日(月)-10月20日(火) 12:00-19:00 水曜、木曜休廊 September 28 – October 20, 2020  12:00-19:00 closed on Wednesday and Thursday

★風にまつわるトークイベント 10月10日(土) 18:00- Artist talk and reception          October 10, 2020 18:00-



〒130-0021 東京都墨田区緑 2-13-19 秋山ビル1F

1F,Akiyama bldg.,2-13-19,Midori,Sumida-ku,Tokyo 130-0021,JAPAN

TEL 050-8004-6019

JR総武本線両国駅東口から 徒歩9分 都営大江戸線両国駅A5出口から 徒歩5分




Leaves fluttering in a breeze. The wind carries minute information such as scents, dust, and fungi, and leaves right after it ruffles our hairs. It would show the menacing power of swaying the forest all night long, but in the next morning, the breeze through the gaps in the trees gently strokes the cheek. Long-term weathering may destroy and shatter cities. But the wind on the ground will remain static for no time. It makes us aware that the active force of the earth will keep on invigorating the connection among matter.  Supposing that human productivity takes place on the surface of the Earth, the wind renders the collision of various phases, thus incessantly brings out particular conditions right in front of our eyes.

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